This morning, we woke up to the news that the Victorian Liberal-National Party have pledged to assist public schools to get solar panels! 🎉

This is a great start and shows how close we are to winning our campaign for clean energy in schools!

Over the last few months, dozens of high school students have met with their MPs and candidates asking them to repower our schools with solar. It’s so exciting to see our politicians listening to the voices of young people and taking action.

With the Victorian election just one month away, the pressure is on. Will you call the Premier and ask for bipartisan support to repower our schools?

We need every party to get behind solar schools to guarantee the clean energy future we want to see. You’re one of the awesome supporters who has rallied behind AYCC’s plan for 100% clean energy high schools, and we want to see all parties take that plan on board.

The Coalition’s announcement is a good first step, but in order for Victoria to become a hub of clean energy, we need to see a real commitment to renewables.  

An investment of $97 million based on our research would transform our schools into clean energy hubs, with awesome impacts including:

  • The emissions reduction equivalent of taking 11,500 cars off the road
  • Financial savings for schools of $9.4 million every year that could be reinvested into education, student leadership and sustainability programs

We’re young, we’re ambitious and we want our leaders to know we need a renewable future.

The Labor Government has already committed to install solar panels in over 650,000 homes across the state over the next ten years - so pushing them to expand the solar boom to schools just makes sense. Let’s get every party on board with solar schools.

We need to see Victorian Labor committing to repowering our schools TODAY! Call Premier Daniel Andrews now - click here for our calling guide.

Getting on the phone will take less than five minutes and, together, we’ll lead the way to a renewable future.

Thanks for being part of this,

Laura for the AYCC team

P.S. Every state who commits to solar schools makes it easier for a nationwide win - so even if you’re not in Victoria, it’d be amazing if you could jump on the phone!