What a way to start the week.

Today, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report showing that a rapid transition to clean energy is needed if we have any hope of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees. [1] I wanted to give you an update on what it means and why I’m feeling so fired up to keep up the fight.

Thousands of scientists around the world have one clear message today: we need to stop burning coal, right now.

Our current emissions trajectory would see us reach the 1.5 degree warming threshold as soon as 2030 - and get a lot hotter by the end of the century. To keep under 1.5 degrees, these experts are saying we need to phase out all coal from the electricity mix by 2050.

We know that individual or incremental change won’t be enough to get there. Can you chip in to fund hard-hitting tactics and a powerful social movement to shake up the status quo and demand climate action?

The impacts of climate damage aren’t distant or academic problems: they are real and immediate. Climate change is happening here and now, and people across the country are facing the impacts - from intense droughts and bushfires, to rising sea levels in the Torres Strait.

While we feel the effects of a warmer world, Scott Morrison is failing us at every turn. Australia currently has no climate policy and, as this expert report shows, his reckless, pathetic emissions reductions targets are nowhere near enough to address the problem. This Government's attempt at action on climate change would be laughable if it weren’t so outrageous. Young people can see straight through it and if politicians want to secure the youth vote, they're going to have to try A LOT harder.

With a Federal election on the horizon, donate to mobilise hundreds of young people to doorknock their communities and run creative actions to force our politicians to talk about climate change.

This expert report shows that our window of opportunity for meaningful action is still open, we just have to grab it with both hands. We know that incremental or individual changes aren’t enough to keep us below 1.5 degrees - that’s why together we’re building a social movement with the power to shift the politics and social norms holding us back from action.

We have the solutions - the technology, money and public support - available now, and we need commitment from our leaders to do what’s right and protect our future, by ruling out all new coal and gas projects and supporting workers in the transition to a clean energy economy. Together, we can fight against the corporate greed and political apathy that are holding us back.

Your donation will allow us to make the most of opportunities on the ground to shift the politics - including:

  • Enrolling young people to vote for climate action in seats like Wentworth right now
  • Rallies and actions outside MP offices in electorates across the country demanding our leaders commit to stopping Adani
  • Knocking on thousands of doors to build the movement and make sure climate shifts votes

Will you donate so our volunteers can run unapologetic, bold campaigns for a safe climate future?

Those of us under 35 have never experienced a year of below average temperatures. We are staring at an uncertain future, but we are also stepping up in huge numbers and shaping the solutions.

For our generation to realise our dreams, we need to fight harder than ever for a safe climate future, Please donate what you can and help us keep up the fight.

Today I’m so grateful for everything each of you are doing to stop Adani, stop fracking, repower your school, protect country, educate your community, and build this movement.

Our generation is seizing this window of opportunity for action - it’s time for our leaders to catch up.

Gemma, for the AYCC team


[1] To read more about the report, check out: https://theconversation.com/the-uns-1-5-c-special-climate-report-at-a-glance-104547