About Switched on Schools

We are young people dreaming of a fair, sustainable future powered by 100%  clean energy. We’re starting in our schools to bring this vision to life.

Students today will feel the impacts of decisions being made right now about climate change and our environment. Climate change will have big impacts on our future - so we are taking back the power, and leading solutions to climate change through campaigns for renewable energy and to stop fossil fuels.

We have an amazing opportunity to shift Australia towards a fair, clean and sustainable future, with high school students at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution in their communities.

By empowering students with the knowledge, skills and networks to create change, the Switched on Schools program provides young people with the tools to be lifelong sustainability advocates.

At Switched on Schools, our vision is to build a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis by empowering tens of thousands of high school students to engage with the issue of climate change and to take meaningful action their communities.

Our Programs

We want to help students learn more about climate change and how to change the world. That’s why we run workshops, trainings and leadership programs with high schoolers across Australia. They’re heaps of fun!

We use a unique peer-to-peer approach to ignite students’ interest in climate justice. High school students develop their understanding of sustainability and build skills in change-making.

Climate Justice Summits

Our annual climate justice summits bring together hundreds of students from different schools to learn about climate change and solutions over two days. They’re a unique, empowering training opportunity that aligns with curriculum goals. Learn more and register your school.

Student Volunteering

What do we want? Climate action now! How do we get it? By building a network of awesome student volunteers who can lead the change! Students right across the country are working together in their communities on campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground and create awesome renewable energy. Find out more and get involved today.

Student Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Program is a 6-month training opportunity for high school students to supercharge your skills and confidence to change the world. Check out the dates and apply for the program.

In-School Workshops

Our workshops and presentations are designed to spark students’ interest in climate justice and solutions. We offer workshops over various lengths to suit your school - from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.   

Book a workshop.

Support our Work

Our programs are only possible thanks to the generous support of partners and donors across the country. If you’d like to support our work, please consider making a donation.

About the AYCC

Switched on Schools is an initiative of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition - Australia’s largest youth led organisation, with over 200,000 supporters and over 1,000 active volunteers nationally. Through our projects and campaigns we aim to educate, engage and inspire young people to take action on climate change. Since launching in 2007, we have reached over 160,000 high school students with sustainability education and run 46 leadership summits for 100-200 participants.

Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network

Seed is a sister organisation of AYCC that began in 2014, and is Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network. Seed’s mission is to build the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people

to actively lead campaigns to protect country from climate change and the impacts of the fossil fuel industry. Since Seed’s launch in 2014, over 100 Indigenous young people have been trained through national leadership summits, with hundreds more engaged online, through workshops and speeches. Learn more about Seed.

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