Repower Our Schools

100% renewable is 100% doable!

Imagine if every schools across Australia was powered with 100% renewable energy.

Our generation is fighting for a safe future for everyone - powered by 100% clean energy. We have the power to change our future, so let’s use it.

With high school students already leading the way to repower their schools, it’s time for State Governments to implement policies for all schools to switch to 100% renewables.

Australia is the windiest and sunniest country on earth, and we have the ability to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy in the next 10 years. Repowering our schools with renewables is an essential part of supercharging the transition, and building the clean energy future we want

At school, students learn about climate change and how to be leaders. High school students are already putting these skills into action by switching their schools to renewables. Now it’s time for state governments to follow their lead by committing to repower all schools.

We are calling on state governments to:

  • Provide funding for all public high schools to repower with renewables
  • Implement a policy for schools to become community energy hubs

By sharing our stories and building the pressure, students can get politicians to follow our lead and helping even more schools to repower. Read our plan for state governments in Victoria and NSW to repower every school with clean energy. 

Want to lead a campaign to repower your school with 100% renewables? Here’s a handy how to guide to get you started!

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